Chopping vegetables is time consuming and you will often need at least 3 or 4 staff members, depending on your production. The Vegetable Cutter will save you time and labour, stream lining your production on a daily basis. Cube, grate, julienne, slice or chop, the vegetable cutter can do it all. It has 2 feeder areas on top of the machine, a cylindrical tube and a large half moon.

Vegetables will still need to be peeled or chopped smaller so that the feeder areas can accommodate the size of them. The vegetable cutter is compact and easy to move around the kitchen. Can you afford to be without one?

Vegetable Cutter

Our Vegetable Cutter is one of our fastest moving lines that we import. It has been specified in a variety of fast food chains, supermarkets and road houses country wide. It comes with 5 standard blades and you have the option to add other blades, depending on your needs. Its magnesium alloy body is easy to clean and is durable and hard wearing. All cutting blades are stainless steel.

Fitted with several safety features, the vegetable cutter is an integral part of any busy industrial kitchen.

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