A Triple Deck BBC Omega Oven was collected for refurbishment at a club where it was in service for 15 years. The oven was mostly used to bake pizza on ceramic stone. There was obvious wear and tear on this unit but it was still working.

The customer wanted to get a quote on a full refurbishment of the unit as they were so impressed with the longevity of the oven.

Our dedicated in-house technicians were able to provide the client with a detailed quote as we carry a full spares inventory.

These Omega ovens are available from a single tray to a triple deck three tray unit. This allows bakeries to produce 60 loaves per bake. These ovens can also be used to bake biscuits and other confectionery. Ceramic baking stones are available enabling customers to bake pizza and specialty breads where a crisp base is required.

The Omega oven is supplied with elements top and bottom with separate controls. This allows the baker to adjust temperature to their exact needs.

The electronic temperature controller display and built in interior light allows the bakery to get consistent results. Omega deck ovens, quality you can trust.

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